Working Group Seismics

and Geophysics

at the St.-Michael-Gymnasium Monschau

Special thanks go to Christiane Herwartz and Werner Freundel who prepared the difficult translation.

During the construction of the seismographic station we received help from many sides which we appreciate greatly and for which we would like to thank everyone.
Our thanks goes to:

Scientific maintenance
Prof. Dr. E. Wielandt Institute of Geophysics, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. H.-P. Harjes Institute of Geophysics, Ruhr-Universiy Bochum
Dr. G. Bokelmann
Dr. A. Cete
Dr. M. Jost Institute of Geophysics, Ruhr-Universiy Bochum
Dr. R. Pelzing State Geological Service NRW, Krefeld, Germany
Dr. R. Widmer-Schnidrig Institute of Geophysics, University Karlsruhe
Comp. Essers, Imgenbroich especially Manager Kaczor Carpet for bottom floor of controlling roo
Employers Association All-Metal, Cologne esp. Mr Gollep Sponsoring of the travelling expenses to Lepizig, 1998: Lecture of the Seismik-AG at the General Meeting of the MNU Association.
Stonemason Karl Goffart, Imgenbroich for EW-Station-Seismograph: Stone-Cylinder & stone ashlar, drilling inclusive, 3 marble- stones for decoupling the Seismograph from the movement of the wall
Comp. Günther & Co., Frankfurt / Main especially Mr. Schweigh�fer Extremely small drilling bits with thickend shafts (0,51mm u. 0,41mm)
Windows Manufactory Herwartz, Herzogenrath especially Architect Hans Herwartz Manufacturing of a sight chamber for the Endless paper-recording of the signals, cf. Fig. 36
Mechanical Laboratories Research Institute, Jülich by mediation of (our former student) Dr.-Ing. Arnold Lamm as well as by Dr. Herbert Dederichs:

for the immobile seismographs of the station: top end of pendulum's rod made from V-A- steel with extremely fine boreholes (spark-eroding), Al-plates, some adjustment-material
Lackdraht Union GmbH, Sulingen especially Dipl.-Kfm. Gerd Abeling 2 large rolls à 5.2 kg varnished wire 0.16mm "Superflex WS Grad 1" (for the coils of the seismographs)
Municipality of Monschau especially City Manager Heinrich Jansen Material for our basement-laboratory : doors, paint for concrete-walls and additional material for electric installation
Steel & Metal Construction Albrecht Poschen, Simmerath especially Mrs. Susanne Poschen for the School-Seismograph: Al profile-material and plexiglass
  • Mech. Laboratory, Inst. for Physics IIIa, Tech. Univ. of Aachen (RWTH), (Dir. Prof. Dr. S. Bethke)
especially Mechanical Master, Wolfgang Reuter: for the Station-Seismographs: arrangements for the adjustment of both U-magnets, pendulum-fixings (walls), deviation-roller for the endless-paper-registration, cf. Fig. 36
Iron Retrail Trade Comp. Scheins, Aachen many V-A- screws of various size, (School Seismograph)
  • Market for Buildings & Construction, Josef Thelen, Simmerath
especially Dipl.-Btrw. Dietmar Thelen, former student of the St.-Michael Gymnasium special cement, sands and grit for both of the concrete-boards for the station seismographs; for the casings as shield against air-movement for each seismograph: paint, wood-material, a lot of styropor-material with gummer, a tool box
Thyssen Magnet-Technics GmbH, Dortmund especially Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Krebs and Mr. Öttinghaus 2 high powered permanent magnets of Ne-Fe-B incl. material for the yoke of the magnet (School-Seismograph)
Vacuumschmelze GmbH, Hanau especially Mr. H.-J Marik, Department DM-PM2
and Dr. Frank Jurisch
for School-Seismograph: high powered-permanent magnets "Vacodym 344 HR"
technical advice for the layout of a powerful v-U-transformer and the giving of NdFeB- magnets for our Seismic Workgroup
  • VEFF, St.-Michael-Gymnasium Monschau, association of former students & friends & promoters
especially StD' Freia Schwärzel Contribution of 400 DM and payment of a large showcase, mm-paper for endless-registration and additional special pencils
  • Comp. for Nonsparking Tools Eckart, GmbH u. Co., Geretsried
6 nonsparking (and nonmagnetic) 2bit fixed spanners from Be-Cu resp. Ampco for adjusting of the strong magnets
Magnetfabrik Schramberg Mr. Schell giving of two square ended magnets h 270/95 h
Technical Expertise and Help
  • Dipl.-Phys. Dr. G. Dittmer, Research-Laboratory, Philips, Aachen
large permanent magnets (from old mass spectrographs) for the Station-Seismographs as a gift
Dipl.-Math. W. Franck, Computation Centre RWTH Aachen supply with PC- and demonstration-programs and downloads of scientific programs by internet (shareware)
  • Kitchen Master H. Jäger, University-Hospital, RWTH Aachen
First supply with PC's (286) for the control-room of our station
Survey Technician H. Mertens, Monschau-Konzen location by survey of some points of the outer wall of the seismograph-room in annex to a topographical point
Dipl.-Ing. M. Niebes, Monschau PC-supplementation of the control-room (486)
Steel Construction Mechanic L.Palm, Monschau-Konzen
Fitting of the O-yoke for the demonstration-seismograph
Electro Master E. Poschen, Monschau-Konzen Electro-Installation of the station
Dipl.-Ing E. Westram, Roetgen help by fitting of diverse components