Working Group Seismics

and Geophysics

at the St.-Michael-Gymnasium Monschau

The Seismics Working Group recently gave a lecture in front of 130 scientists. Within the scope of the 70th annual summit of the German geophysical association, the chairman Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friederich welcomed the lecturers to the department History and Future of Geophysics.

Nina Welters, Marvin Krings, Timo Woopen, and Uli Arndt - supported by the other accompanying Seismics Working Group members - reported on the tasks and objectives of the working group. The six-foot Seismics-WG-Globe, the educational seismograph, the Wielandt-Pendulum developed in Monschau, and additional demonstrative material was transported to Bochum in an academical HGV.

Special applause received the two Youngsters of the WG, Johanna Knauf and Lisa Krott (Grade 5b). The live connection from the lecture hall in Bochum to the seismographs cellar of the grammar school in Monschau showed currently registered signals.

Since the globe did not fit through the door of the seminar room in which the other lectures of the department were held, our lecture was given in a significantly larger room. Our presentation was so well received among the listeners that some did not find a free seat.

The Seismics-WG at the Ruhr-University Bochum: The executive director of the Institute for Geology, Mineralogy, and Geophysics, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friederich (standing, 2nd from left) as the chairman welcomed the Seismics-WG of the St.-Michael-Gymnasium from Monschau for their lecture.